Unmanned aerial solutions



2.5 kg TOW drone for aerial photography



Long endurance drone drone with 1kg payload weight

"Mara GCS"

"Mara GCS"

Rugged ground control station for drones


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 98.00 (tax included)

UAV “MARA” battery

LiIon 14.8V 9000mAh spare battery for “MARA” UAV

 17.50 25.50 (tax included)

Aeronaut CAMcarbon folding propeller

A set of 2 air-propeller blades.

Choose a blade with the required diameter and step.

 15.30 (tax included)

SunnySky X2212 kv980 Brushless Motor

Motor KV: 980

Max Power: 300W

Thrust: 1020g

ESC: 20-40A

Weight: 58.5g

High-tech composites

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