Drone solutions

Our team is engaged in the production of unmanned aerial systems, drones and their components.
Our unmanned solutions will help you to optimize the processes of obtaining digital map information, overseeing industrial areas or agricultural lands.

We design products for:

  • Mapping:

    • cartographic and geodetic works,
    • construction of digital orthophotomaps,
    • three-dimensional terrain models,
    • cadastral and architectural works.
  • Monitoring:

    • railways, highways and other infrastructure objects,
    • power plants and power lines,
    • oil and gas pipelines,
    • аgriculture and smart farming,
    • land, water and forest resources,
    • natural resources,
    • ecology.
  • Survilliance:

    • protection of the state border,
    • protection of industrial objects,
    • searching and identifying objects and people.
  • Insurance:

    • calculation of the area of agricultural land and crop,
    • estimation of losses.
  • Emergency:

    • people search,
    • rescue operations,
    • forest fires and flood.

We also provide:

  • training crews,
  • aerial mapping,
  • develop, fabricate and assemble the high-tech composite structures and components.