“MARA” – 2.5 kg take-off weigth fixed wing drone

drone-mara Easy to use, simple and fast in deployment, the drone “MARA” is only 2.5 kg take-off weight and allows to survey route of 60-90 km using the RGB or multispectral photocamera. A modular, lightweight, variable payload module allows you to use the same aircraft with different loads – whether it is a photo camera for mapping or a video camera for surveillance

Using of “MARA” will helps to make:

  • Farmwork quality control
  • Online monitoring of crops from the skyes
  • Precision farming
  • Identification of problem areas with high accuracy and GPS snapping
  • Variable rate fertilization
  • High precision land measurement.

“MARA” specification

    • Wingspan – 1.95 m.specification
    • Take-off weight 2.5 kg.
    • Endurance 40-90 min.
    • Total track length 60-90 km.
    • Flying speed 45-90 kmph.
    • Wind speed limit – 40 kmph at level of flight.
    • Low noise electrical thrust.
    • Automatic take-off (hand launch).
    • Autonomous belly landing.
    • Single flight surveying of up to 400 ha with GSD from 5 cm per pixel.
    • Hard case or semi-rigid backpack for transportation.
    • Optional rugged ground control station with automatic antenna tracking system.