Using of our drones will helps to make:

  • Farmwork quality control
  • Online monitoring of crops from the skyes
  • Precision farming
  • Identification of problem areas with high accuracy and GPS snapping
  • Variable rate fertilization
  • High precision land measurement.
Small drone “MARA” allows single flight surveying of up to 400 ha with GSD from 5 cm per pixel, larger one “Morana” allows one time surveying area up to 1000 ha.

Our team propose You complex, adaptive solution that including everything You need for effective work.

UAS for farming consist of:

  • drone with autopilot battery and data-link for control, depends of farming area it could be or “MARA” or “Morana“;
  • set of payload modules (depends on Your need):
    • daylight RGB photo-camera for aerial photography, with GSD from 3cm per pixel, which allow You to make an electronic map for GIS, to build an orthophotomosaic or 3D model, or to create a plant health maps (VARI, GLI or other vegetation indexes);
    • spectral modified photocamera – which capture either Near-Infrared, Green, and Blue light bands, it can apply the following algorithms NDVI, ENDVI, OSAVI, RDVI that can be used as the indicators of plant health, canopy area or crop level;
    • multispectral camera whish consists of separate camera modules for each light band (Red, Green, Blue and NIR);
    • gimballed zoom videocamera can helps You to monitor farming works or to protect the lands;
  • ground control station eqipment may depends on You and may varry from simple set for surveing with photo camera (RC transmitter, telemetry modem connected to Your laptop via USB and antennas), to rugged, industrial grade “MARA-GCS” unit for video monitoring.

RGB NDVI NGBRGB image   /   NIRGB image   /   NDVI image