About us

The company «Carbolines.r.o.» was founded and registered in April 2013 for the series production of nonwoven ultralight carbon fiber. Although it is rather young, it is a serious and reliable partner, which work is based on 20 years experience of the company «Vladimir’s Model», successfully engaged in the manufacturing of the UAV and sport radio-controlled aircraft.
  The pilot machine for making extended hyperfine band width of 50 mm from carbon fiber with weight TEX 800 was started in 2011. We invented a method of manufacturing a nonwoven two-or multilayer fabric of this band . This material has been used successfully not only in the wet vacuum forming of sandwich constructions. It is also used as a pre-preg for high-strength ultralight parts, produced by means of thermo-compensation and autoclave moulding. For example , a three-layered material with a symmetric stacking scheme was used to produce the body of an experimental solar panel of satellite weighing 470 g/m ². Our inventions are protected by several patents.
  Now we have several machines for producing an extended band of carbon fiber. We are able to expand fiber 800 TEX (0,8 g/m) size to a width of 75 mm. Computer control system allows to make a band with uniform width. Currently we are working to create a robotic complex for the manufacturing of multilayer preforms made of ultrathin bands of carbon material. We are looking forward to successful cooperation in the production of fabrics and products using previously mentioned and other technologies , as well as in the development and selling of equipment.